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Welcome to Downtown Huntsville!

Within convenient walking distance to neighborhoods of 5 Points, Twickingham, and parts of North Huntsville, downtown Huntsville provides a scenic and clean environment for the inner workings of the city. With the Madison County Courthouse standing as the centerpiece, law offices and those of other professionals are the primary occupants of downtown Huntsville's historic buildings. 


City Hall, pictured above, is within walking distance to the Madison County Courthouse, Early Works Museum and Constitution Village. Those who either work in the multitude of professional offices in the area or choose to venture out on the weekend may enjoy an inviting atmosphere. In addition to a few local night clubs and several restaurant choices, food trucks are also available for the occasional special event.

Elected city officials and some business interests within the city of Huntsville have espoused a commitment to re-vitalizing and re-creating the downtown area into a residential and entertainment district similar to those of cities with warehouse districts which are typically situated on a river. While our quaint downtown has neither a river nor a warehouse district, the city did recently beautify the area with new brick sidewalk paving and benches. Downtown was recently declared as an entertainment district when a city ordinance was passed which permits people to carry alcoholic beverages on the area streets with various restrictions on containers and times. 

With a $450,000 payment from the city for the purpose of preserving its facade, the Belk Hudson building was recently remodeled. This beautiful building now offers 75 apartments, located next to a local bar as a housing option for those who wish to be part of Huntsville's future "big city" atmosphere!

Big Spring Park, and the Von Braun (Civic) Center offer Huntsville residents reason to venture into the district. When the cherry trees bloom around the park's lake in springtime its worth a trip there with your camera in hand! A recent addition to Big Spring Park has been an 50 x 70 ft, outdoor ice skating rink which is open from mid-November through early January.

As efforts to bring affordable housing, nightlife and retail establishments into the area continue, we just might begin to see some "big city" action in our own downtown Huntsville!

Photo courtesy of Bob Blankenship
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