Huntsville Living

As most would expect from a southern city, Huntsville does have a

long summer, but the city also enjoys the fullness of each season

throughout the year.

New Life Springs Forward

The city of Huntsville enjoys the longest growing season in America: 300 days a year. This means that spring comes early, with a multitude of amazingly colorful spring blooms. Many native to the area, a wide variety of spring-blooming flowers are quite commonly seen in Huntsville. In addition to native, flowering vines and shrubs such as oak leaf hydrangea, we also enjoy a wide variety of flowering trees. Dogwood, Red Bud, Bradford pear, Cherry trees, Crape myrtle, Southern Magnolia, Tulip Trees, and many more fill the local landscape with shades of purple, white and pink. Peak bloom time usually happens in mid to late spring. 


Summer Splash-time in the South

Warm, and sometimes humid, the city won’t disappoint those who are seeking outdoor, summer recreation! July is the average warmest month of summer which typically lasts from late May through September. As spring winds to a close, boating on the Tennessee River, water parks, pic-nicks and swim clubs are just cranking up! 

Flaming Hills and Valleys

In middle to late October, as the temperature drops and autumn sets in, Huntsville’s heavy concentration of hardwoods transforms the city landscape. The greens of summer Maple, hickory, white and chestnut oaks, yellow poplar, blackgum and sweetgums give way to a glittering blend of autumn foliage and gradually intensify into a sea of vibrant hues of red, orange and gold. Combined with cooler temperatures and gentle breezes, the colors of Huntsville’s autumn normally peak in late October and early November.


Winter Wardrobes Required!

Yes, Huntsville Alabama does have a winter season which lasts from December through February! On average, January is the coolest month of the year with average low temperatures of 31 degrees F. The city averages two snowy days per year with an average of 2.4 inches accumulation. Admittedly, this is hardly winter at all to those who are accustom to snow drifts and slushy roads, but we love it this way! Huntsville residents experience the pleasures of brisk days, seeing beautiful snowfall, and watching children sled down hills without lasting inconveniences that are often associated with harsh winters! (Although those who live on hills do move their cars to street level to avoid icy driveways!)

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