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Old Town, Twickingham and 5 Points

The Twickingham and 5 Points neighborhoods are regarded as the keepers of Huntsville's history. With architecture dating back as far as 1814, the area is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. With close oversight from the Huntsville Historic Preservation Commission, these historic homes and sites such as the beautiful Maple Hill Cemetary, the Dickson - Nelson home on Echols Avenue, and the Helion Lodge are well maintained and preserved for future generations.
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Helion Lodge
The first two residential areas in Huntsville were Twickenham, ca 1805, and Old Town, ca. 1820. Old Town consists of approximately 262 houses built between the 1820's and 1940's. The majority were built in the last half of the 19th century. There are 125 Victorian homes, 44 Colonial / Greek Revival homes, 72 Arts and Crafts homes and several Art Deco, Federal and Spanish style homes. 

The Huntsville Historical Committee oversees all building permits in this area. The committee determines whether the character or "street scenes" of the neighborhood will be impacted by changes or improvements homeowners wish to make. The goal of the committee is that the neighborhoods will, long into the future, look exactly like they do today.

The Five Points District began as part of the 1892 East Huntsville Addition and continued to develop over the next 100 years. The name, Five Points, comes from the areas busiest intersection where five different streets come to a point.

 A guided walking tour through the neighborhoods of Five Points, Twickingham and Old Town is hosted by the Huntsville Convention & Visitors Center and is free to the public.
The historic districts of Huntsville are located within 0-5 minutes from the medical district as well as downtown Huntsville and 10-20 minutes from Research Park and the Redstone Arsenal. Travel time to the Tennessee River is app 20 minutes.

Children who reside in the Historic Districts of Huntsville attend Huntsville High School and Lee High School which are the two most recently constructed high schools in the city of Huntsville.

An afternoon stroll through quaint neighborhood streets lined with the intimate quarters of Huntsville's history is all that is needed to appreciate our city's oldest neighborhoods!

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