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The city of Huntsville, the Rocket
 City, Watercress Capital of the
 World, the Star of Alabama . . .

 whatever you chose to call it and
 wherever you might have been
 born,  Huntsville, AL is home!
                         U.S. Space & Rocket Center
                     Photo courtesy of Bob Blankenship

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We're sharing the best kept secret in the South! Huntsville which enjoys one of the highest per capita income levels in the Southeast, welcomes you to explore and join us in Huntsville Living!

Some of the best known characteristics of this southern city include our primary providers of jobs in the city of Huntsville. The city of Huntsville is home to the Redstone Arsenal, Cummings Research Park, Marshall Space Flight Center and the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. In addition to Huntsville Hospital and the Huntsville City Schools system, these primary sources of employment allow us to afford to live as we choose.
Downtown Huntsville
Photograph courtesy of Mr. Bob Blankenship

Huntsville, Alabama is one of the largest, small towns in the country. With a modest sized population of 183,139, the city occupies a whopping land mass of 209 square miles. This is the equivalent of 133,770 acres! These statistics place the city of Huntsville at # 38 in the nation for city land mass rankings while it falls in at #126 in national population rankings.

As a result of our substantial sprawl, Huntsville is one city with many identities. Whether you prefer a home with historic charm, modern convenience, no maintenance or lots of land and privacy, Huntsville Alabama has a perfect fit for you!

Jones Farm Park
Bridge Street Town Center
Photo courtesy of Ann Bjerring Ravn Weis

 Each with its own personality and charm, our distinct communities are formed by groupings of various neighborhoods, supporting businesses and organizations. They include the artistic flare of the Lowe Mill area, the family oriented hills and valleys of south Huntsville, the center city close knit historical districts, the rolling hills of North Huntsville, the bedroom community of Hampton Cove and the newly developing farmlands of West Huntsville. Whether it is your desire to live near work related industry, cultural activities, outdoor recreation, convenient shopping, or just get away from it all, Huntsville Living is exactly what you're looking for!

Ditto Landing at the TN River
Photograph courtesy of Mr. Bob Blankenship, Huntsville AL

Through our network of websites, Huntsville Living will assist residents, visitors and those considering relocating to the city of Huntsville Alabama in your enjoyment of all that the city of Huntsville has to offer! If you're looking for more information on a particular community within the city, Huntsville Living may have already developed an in-depth website for which you will find a link on the designated page. Because our websites are community driven, we will continue to build this network of websites based upon the participation of residents. All information and requests may be sent through our "contact us" tab on this website or on the South Huntsville Living website.

 Please enjoy the photos, the information, and remember that there is a perfect place, a perfect vacation and a perfect way of life awaiting you in the city of Huntsville Alabama!

Big Spring
                  Photo courtesy of Ann Bjerring Ravn Weis

Huntsville Alabama Recognition:

  • Huntsville, Alabama ranks #30 in Top 100 Best Places to Live. (view)
  • City of Huntsville AL ranks # 5 most religious cities in the Nation (view).
  • Huntsville AL #14 on Entrepreneur's list of 25 Best U.S. Cities for Tech Startups (view)
  • City of Huntsville AL Ranked 3rd Best Cities for Mid-Career Professionals in the Nation, (view)
  • City of Huntsville AL in Nations Top Ten Leading Creative Class Metros (view)
  • City of Huntsville AL Ranked 4th Most Optimistic City in America, (view
  • City of Huntsville AL Named One of Nations Leading Places to retire (view)

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