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Huntsville Tea Party

The Huntsville Tea Party Movement in Madison County, Alabama began as part of the nationwide protests in  2009 against runaway government spending and excessive taxes. Today, the Huntsville Tea Party is a vibrant collection of patriotic citizens who work together to better our community, its government, and the leaders who represent us.  The Huntsville Tea Party keeps as its focus those that fall under four foundational principles: Fiscal Responsibility, Limited Constitutional Government, Individual Rights and The Free Market.

Madison County Democratic Party

This is the official organization of the Republican Party. More information may be found on this website for the following groups: Democratic Women, Rocket City Democrats, Alabama Democratic Conference, AL New South Coalition, UAH Charger Democrats, Madison County Teenage Democrats, Gen 44, and the Democratic Men's Club.

Madison County Republican Party

This is the official organization of the Republican Party. More information may be found on this website for the following groups: The Teenage Republicans Club, The  Republican Women of Huntsville Club, The  Republican Women of Madison Club, The Twickenham Republican Women’s Club, The Republican Men’s Club, The Pachyderm Club, The Tennessee Valley Republican Club, The Young Republicans and the Republican Women of Huntsville.

Biz Pac / Committee of 100

BizPac, the political action committee of the Committee of 100, contributes funds to candidates for municipal and county elections. Members of the Board interview candidates for these offices in election years and the Board then makes recommendations for endorsements and contributions to the membership for its approval. Campaign contributions are made to candidates who are determined to be qualified, progressive team players.

South Huntsville Civic Association (SHCA)

(SHCA) is a conservative, research, education and oversight organization dedicated to the protection of citizen's rights through the preservation of property values, free markets,  and citizen awareness. As a non-partisan PAC, we believe that citizens are endowed with constitutional rights for which we must take responsibility and be willing to defend. Endorsements are made in elections ranging from municipal to US Congressional offices. Campaign funds may be contributed based on the determined effectiveness of such donations. We invite you to join us.

The Republican Women of Huntsville (RWH) 

As the largest Republican Women's group in the state of AL, the RWH is a chartered member of the National Federation of Republican Women and the Alabama Federation of Republican Women. 

Madison County Young Republicans

The Madison County Young Republicans is the local chapter of the Young Republican Federation. The organization serves young professional conservatives (ages 18 - 40) in Huntsville, AL with a focus on recruiting, training, and electing Republican candidates.

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