Huntsville Living

Residents in many areas of Huntsville have the best of both worlds when it comes to the convenience of city living and the serenity of sharing our environment with Alabama wildlife. Many of our neighborhoods, surrounded by the hills, wetlands and the Tennessee River, are designed with large lots which are heavily treed. With many neighborhoods abutting protected lands which serve as a habitat to local wildlife, we enjoy occasional visits from a variety of critters including whitetail deer, fox and coyote. More common neighbors include groundhogs, rabbit, chipmunks, raccoon, skunks, armadillo, opossum and of course, squirrel! 

Madison County Wildlife Rehabilitators

Madison County Wildlife Rehabilitators is dedicated to providing the necessary medical and rehabilitative care to all orphaned, injured or sick wildlife to ensure their complete adaptability and capability for release of these magnificent native species back into their rightful domain. We strive to provide this care in the utmost professional manner. We respect the inherent and instinctive needs of wildlife and endeavor to minimize stress and provide a habitat and diet that is as natural as possible. We will earnestly continue to learn the studied and proven techniques in providing quality care. We will promote the welfare of wildlife by enhancing public awareness through education."

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
North Alabama Chapter

The mission of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is to ensure the future of elk, other wildlife, their habitat and our hunting heritage. Since 1984, the organization has protected and enhanced over 6.3 million acres of wildlife habitat. RMEF also supports hunting heritage programs and helps to restore wild elk herds. 
The RMEF North Alabama Chapter holds a North Alabama Big Game Banquet annually in Huntsville.

Weingart Wildlife Rehabilitation of North Alabama

8810 Willow Hills Dr SE
Huntsville, Alabama, 35802

Weingart is certified with North Alabama Wildlife Rehabilitation under the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. The organization cares for injured or orphaned wildlife and releases them back to nature. The Weingart Mission is primarily to care for squirrels, deer and raptors as well as other wildlife in Madison County, Alabama. We have 27 acres to raise and release. 

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